Throughout the years Arènchi's reputation is been spreading wide and far. As the driving force behind the ongoing Cultural Renaissance of the region, Arènchi can be considered as an icon of pleasure and musical delight. It's a state-of-the art space near Brussels, purpose built for dancing with lots of velvet sofa's surrounding a sunken dance floor, two magnificent bars and a subliminal sound system.

With a great team of driven people, behind and on scene, Arènchi has set a new level in Belgiums nightlife by going back to basics. lt involves the whole picture starting from the way you are greeted at the front door through to the service and customer care inside the dub. Our resident DJ's will surprise you with a mix of the best club-sounds taking you to another state of mind.

Every Friday night it's the ultimate escape for the Young, Fresh and Famous. And what about Saturdays? Sorry, your club won't be open till next Friday. No doubt, Arènchi is a great Place to be.

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054/26 01 63
O. Devidtslaan 63, 1760 Roosdaal